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Salesforce Sales Cloud Features

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the best CRM option for you. How? This platform has all the necessary elements to help you run your business with embedded intelligence. Below, we’ve highlighted some key salesforce features that can help you see how you can reach your goals with this robust platform.

1. Management of your account and contacts

The sales cloud lets you see every contact on your customer’s account. This feature allows for you to view the key customer information such as the communication history and key contacts. This feature will give you a complete picture, including insight, deals and how to reach them.

2. Management of opportunity

While you manage your sales deals, you can also keep busy with other business operations from any location in the world. This feature allows users to put their focus on the most important aspects of the business. It will highlight all essential information such as who your competition is, what stage they are at, and what actions you can take in order to win those deals. It quickly creates up-the-minute quotes, streamlining your sales process.

3. Lead management

Lead management is a key feature of salesforce’s cloud that allows you convert more leads to real-time opportunities. It provides all of the information you need about your leads. This feature helps you see where the lead originated, and allows you to take the appropriate decisions to route the leads to the right people. It can also help you track all your marketing campaigns across all channels.

4. Dashboards and reports

Sales cloud allows you to quickly create custom sales forecasting reporting. Drag and drop all the fields, filters and groups you require into the sales cloud. The report will be available in real-time. You can monitor your team’s performance using dashboards, other sales activities tools, and take quick decisions.

5. Pipeline and forecast management

Salesforce cloud forecasting lets you predict revenue and forecast well. It gives you a comprehensive view over your entire pipeline and business activities. It provides you with reliable data insights as well as predictive AI that helps you make key decisions that increase your revenue.

6. Process Automation

Sales cloud lets your business run smoothly with drag and drops simplicity. The process builder creates a point-to click interface to automate your business processes. It lets you create automated workflows. It assigns tasks automatically to deals as they progress through different stages. This makes it simple and fast.

7. Data Management

Business processes are only successful if the data is provided at the right moment to the right person. You can use the sales cloud data manager feature to help with this. The lightning data can be used to identify potential customers and segments, provide the best opportunities, and make business-changing decisions. You can select the best type of data to meet your business needs with lightning data.

Updated: March 3, 2023 — 3:29 am

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