Salesforce Sales Cloud helps you sell faster

Salesforce Sales Cloud helps you sell faster

As we have discussed, sales has seen a shift in time and patterns. However, this is making it more difficult for salespeople to spend more time at their computers. Salespeople today spend 6 hours more working on their computers than their customers, regardless if they are doing inside or outside sales.


Businesses want to reduce screen time so their sales reps can interact with real customers. The Sales Cloud helps them to do that and increases productivity.


  • Salesforce sales cloud features one of the most popular features, “Macros”, which helps businesses automate manual tasks bulky.
  • Sales Cloud Einstein helps you prioritize leads and opportunities. The best part of Sales Cloud Einstein? Every time you click on your top leads, it shows you the Einstein Score and the factors driving that score. This information is very useful for sales reps as it explains how that lead can be used. Sales reps can immediately take action based on this score. They can then send an email to the prospects or phone them.


Pardot’s Work in Sales Cloud and How it Helps Sales Reps To Serve Better


Undoubtedly, every business wants its employees to be productive. But how can you make sales reps more productive, profitable, and help build pipelines? Pardot steps in.

Pardot enables smarter marketing automation to help businesses find and nurture best leads. This enables sales reps, and their customers, to close more business deals and maximize ROI. Salesforce Engage is an important part of this group.

Let’s begin with Sell more innovative products

Updated: March 3, 2023 — 3:30 am

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